Thank You!

As I think back over the past 8 years that Trestle Thirty One has been in existence, it is a miracle we have survived at all! I am so grateful to all of our friends and loyal customers who have stood by us through many business transformations over such a short amount of time.

Entrepreneurial Spirit by Nova Cadamatre

Nova Cadamatre Speaking at Cornell

In November, Nova was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the 2018 Cornell Entrepreneurship summit in New York City. She spoke about our incredible journey so far, where we are going, and the power of persistence. Watch her inspirational talk below.

Exciting News for Trestle 31 Fans

Hi Everyone, We have finally finished our third harvest. This was a beautiful but challenging year. Our Riesling finished fermentation a few days before Christmas last year.  It has its own personality from the vintage with slightly higher acid than our previous vintages which is a reflection of the cool year. The mouth feel is beautiful and it […]

Trestle 31 Has Arrived

Trestle 31 Bottle Pouring

Dear Friends, I know many of you have been following our journey from the beginning, almost 15 years ago. Many others may have just joined us. Either way we are happy you have decided to be part of our amazing journey. We are so excited to announce the inaugural vintage release of Trestle Thirty One […]